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Welcome to our spy store 4hiddenspycameras.com with more than 10 years doing business online.

You know that you need a hidden camera or a covert security equipment, but why buy from us?

We're a reputable supplier of quality hidden spy cameras, security cameras, alarm equipment and surveillance systems. We also recommend you to install at your home or business a security alarm system, you can also contract a burglar alarm monitoring system service.

If you live in San Antonio Texas and need to install your home security alarm or video surveillance equipment we recommend LIGHTSPEED ALARMS a profetional reputable security company serving San Antonio TX and Houston area.

We are in the security business since 1996, our devoted clients have counted on us time and again to help them with their home security system and hidden camera needs. We've even been recommended by the ABC News program 20/20. And we'll work hard to make you one of our satisfied clients.

Because of our many years of experience in the covert surveillance products industry, we are able to give you the guidance and help you need in selecting the best solution for your application.

Please know that you can count on our complete discretion. No one will ever know that you have spoken to us, let alone have ordered from us (your order will be shipped to you in discrete packaging from the ISS International Surveillance Services Corporation).

Has there ever been a time you wish you could have captured a special moment without the person ever knowing you had been recording it? No matter what you choose from our spy equipment, you know you can count on us to give you the highest-quality components and offer our Comprehensive 1-Year Parts and Labor Guarantee.

If you suspect that something is happening. Or if you just want to take preventative measures to protect your home and family, seeing is believing.( caught on tape ) Get the proof you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

We specialize in wide range of spying camera and video equipment offering the newest technology out there on the market.

Now in days it is important for the safe of your home and business to have a security alarm and a video surveillance system installed,  Contracting a monitoring service  company will bring pace of mind to you and your love ones.

You can see our store catalog and find many spy gadgets and electronic equipments for the security of your home and office.

Professional counter surveillance equipment and spy gear of this century to protect your home and place of work.

The new technology of spy gear now has integrated a built-in DVR recorder with motion detection and other specialty spy equipment. Visit our site today and browse all the models we have to offer

Featured Products

Covert Alarm Clock DVR with Built-in Pinhole Spy Camera
Regular price: $309.00
On Sale $289.00
Clock Radio Camera and DVR hidden spy camera all in one D1 Resolution
Regular price: $599.00
On Sale $469.00
Invisible infrared light - IR camera  illuminator C30-40m
Spy Camera Alarm Clock Wireless Digital USB Receiver With Remote View
Regular price: $399.00
On Sale $299.00
15.4" Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor Hidden Spy Color Camera System
Regular price: $699.00
On Sale $599.00
surveillance spy camera, clock radio night vision, See in Total Darkness spy Clock Radio
Regular price: $599.00
On Sale $499.00
Regular price: $159.00
On Sale $89.00
Alarm Clock Radio Spy Color Camera & DVR Motion Detection COLOR CAMERA
Regular price: $599.00
On Sale $449.00
Hidden Spy Camera Wall Clock DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Motion Detection NOW WITH A 32GB CAPACITY DVR
Regular price: $399.00
On Sale $379.00
Hidden Spy Camera Smoke Detector Alarm DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Motion Detection (NOW WITH 32GB CAPACITY)
Regular price: $549.00
On Sale $399.00
Alarm Motion Sensor Surveillance Camera Hidden in a non-working Alarm Detector
Regular price: $299.00
On Sale $259.00
Spy Hidden Camera Kit Self Recording Black Box 32GB capacity DVR
Regular price: $449.00
On Sale $349.00
Smart Color Mini Camera
New  Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Cover  IP Color Camera. 3G Wi-Fi and Remote Recording DVR H.264
Regular price: $499.00
On Sale $449.00
Hidden Spy Pen Camera 2.4Ghz Wireless and Portable DVR Monitor Receiver Kit
Regular price: $399.00
On Sale $349.00
Electrical box Spy color camera DVR w/ Motion Sensor Up to One year battery life on sleep mode- 16GB SD card capacity
Call Recorder For Cell Phones (Universal Digital Recorder Bluetooth)
Regular price: $299.00
On Sale $269.00
Spy Color Camera On A Working Smoke Alarm With Digital Video Recorder DVR  (Motion Detection)
Regular price: $329.00
On Sale $319.00
Digital Wireless Home Security Camera Kit (DVR)
Regular price: $258.99
On Sale $249.00
DVR Security System with 4 Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Surveillance Cameras (Web Ready)
7" Digital Wireless LCD Monitor observation System With 2 Night Vision Color Cameras
Regular price: $449.00
On Sale $399.00
Fully Functional Cordless Phone Spy Color Camera With Digital Video Recorder DVR to SD memory card NOW WITH A 32GB DVR CAPACITY
Regular price: $499.00
On Sale $399.00
DVR Spy Camera iPod™  Stereo speaker system Incorporates a Digital Video Recorder & Hidden Camera (DVR) NOW WITH A 32GB CAPACITY DVR
Regular price: $499.00
On Sale $399.00
Boombox spy camera DVR battery operated (Built in DVR motion detection records on SD card) NOW WITH A 32GB CAPACITY DVR
Regular price: $549.00
On Sale $409.00
Covert Color  Camera Video Recorder Motion Activated  AC Adapter
Wireless Color  hidden spy camera kit (build your own spy cameras)
Regular price: $319.00
On Sale $299.00
DVR Recorder with Rechargeable Battery (One year in sleep mode) Motion Detection and 16GB Capacity
Odor Eliminator DVR hidden Spy Camera (Motion Detection) w/ 32gb Capacity DVR
Regular price: $499.00
On Sale $399.00
Wireless Color Spy Pen Camera (Internal Rechargeable Battery)
Ultra Slim Web Ready All-In-One Web Ready 4 Channel Compact H.264 DVR Security System with 15" LCD Screen (DISCONTINUED)
Countersurveillance Bug Detector - Spy Cam Detector
Regular price: $199.00
On Sale $159.00
Stand Alone DVR with 4 Digital Wireless Cameras System, DVR w/remote Access with 500GB HHD
Regular price: $1,499.00
On Sale $1,199.00
GPS Logger Itrail with free Magnetic Weather - Proof Case-BACKORDER TIL FEB 29
Regular price: $269.00
On Sale $199.00
Hidden Color Camera Hook Hanger With Motion Detection Digital Video recorder W/ Memory Card
Regular price: $169.00
On Sale $159.00
The Mini Pen VGA Camera Recorder USB With Rechargeable Battery & 2 GB Micro SD Memory Card
Regular price: $199.00
On Sale $139.00
Mini Camera Camcorder Color & DVR - Easy DV  (2.5” x 1 1/8” x ½”)

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