• Spy Cameras

    With Zone Shield Wireless you can choose from two different receivers: QUAD and QUAD LCD. Both feature remote viewing and recording from up to four cameras.

  • Outdoor Spy Cameras

    Get flexible installation with Xtreme Life DVR. These DVRs feature long life batteries and no conspicuous wires for covert operation. Captured video is stored on a removable SD card.

  • Car Cameras with self recording DVRs

    These devices record video to an internal SD card or other media to be retrieved later for viewing on a separate TV or computer.

  • GPS Trackers

    Take advantage of 10 second updates on location, speed, and direction with our live trackers. Either hardwired to a fleet vehicle or attach wireless to an individual vehicle.

  • Cell Phone and PC monitoring

    Cell Phone Monitoring

    Monitor your teen's cellphone or check to see if a spouse is faithful with our personal protection devices.

    Track calls, texts and data logs by installing these easy to use cell phone monitoring software packages directly on your phone.

    PC Monitoring

    Monitor chat rooms, key strokes, and website usage with these easy to use software packages that install directly on your computer by simply inserting the device in a USB port.

  • Detection Devices

    Find a hidden camera or detect a hidden audio transmitter. Our detection devices help you master counter-surveillance.

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